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Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar In Chinese lunar March, Monkey luck in about love.

Just like Febreze. Uranus is doing butt stuff with your sign on the 29th, which means your love life will be feeling more steady again and heading in a positive direction. With a ponytail. IDK you can throw a snow globe at me if you need to.

But who am I to judge? Speaking of butt munches! Raise your hand down below if you think so, too. Or just tell me if I bring up Matthew McConaughey in horoscopes an odd amount. The most exciting part of the month for you kicks off around December 21st. The sun is in your stahh sign then, dahling. Stay put, wherever that spot may be, to ring in If sugar plum fairies can sneak around then so can you.

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Allow me to repeat my life motto that I will one day put on a bumper sticker for my car to embarrass my kids: have fun, be safe. More love stuff is bound to come up on the 13th when you will make a decision about a romantic partner. This is a good month to travel, even with Mercury in retrograde just make sure you have your passport about five thousand times. Just fine I tell ya. The end of December is bound to be batshit crazy in a good and fun way. By the 29th: a rest. The full moon, Jupiter and Uranus are contributing to the money pouring in too.

On the 19th, Mars will move into Pisces. Note that Mercury is going to retrograde — oy — from December 19th well into January. Just be aware that people from your past will likely come through. At the very least, if you meet up, the interaction could bring about some much-needed closure. Go fish or go figure!

Get flat on your back and kick your feet up high, freaky Aries — or should I say Air -ies — because December is going to be all about travel for you. Nothing ruins a holiday party quite like swollen ankles, let me tell you. Compression socks! Thank the new moon for momentum that will carry you into the new year. Get ready to hit the ground running — another reason to keep those ankles on their A-Game.

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At least hear them out. Last-minute shopping will suck because of it, though. Susan suggests you do gift cards. Finally, the 25th will rule whether you celebrate holidays during this time of year or not. Fame, fortune, raises and recognition are all on the horizon. I just rap over them. So is love! Seth Cohen, kindly crack open the champagne. Okay Gemini.

This Mercury Retrograde Is Throwing One Last Curveball Our Way

Also, does your sign on Astrology Zone feel way longer than usual, but like she tricked you by allowing the scroll to go on forever instead of having multiple pages to click into? Besides this hiccup, your love life is going to be great in December. Me too. Magic is bound to happen. Interpret that however you need or want. She wants you to start that or something else in all of that free time hahaha that you have. December 13th is a two-parter. At the same time, we have all of the standard annoyances with this retrograding BS.

Electronics go haywire, miscommunications happen, phones get dropped in toilets, yadda yadda. Be wary of vibrators going off in carry ons at the airport, as a fun side note! Jung asked me to write a short piece for each sign for her Slow Dance site, but I so fell in love with the fantastic array of beautiful things for the home that I pulled out all the stops for you.

Astrology News You Can Use

I wanted to create pages for you that you would have fun with whether you were in the bridal registry market or not. Check your rising sign descriptions, too. Then go over to the part of the site I wrote for SlowDance. This month, a group of three cool girls in Los Angeles asked me to do an interview on their highly acclaimed, funny podcast series on Apple Podcast store, called.

All three have a wonderful sense of humor—I found out when I got there that they all are standup comics, too! They say that their podcast series is for lovers and haters of astrology, but they never make fun of astrology—they all love it. Finally, many of you are enjoying having your handwriting analyzed by master graphologist Sheila Kurtz after you scan your writing and take a photo of it with your phone. You will send it in and get back pages of analysis. Thank you, dear reader!

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When you come back in December, you will learn that December has some of the very finest days of all of , including the Luckiest Day of the Year of December will be a vital month, for good-fortune planet Jupiter will change signs. Dear Reader: Here we are in November already!

First, take the fun quiz to discover your style. Best wishes, Susan Continue Reading.

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