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Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar In Chinese lunar March, Monkey luck in about love.

The Astrodienst charts show another division of the houses. This division places the houses in groups that are on the angles, the angular ang ; houses that follow immediately behind each angular house, the succedent suc houses, and the third in line, the cadent cad houses.

There are four each, angular, succedent, and cadent houses. Older books taught that planets in the angular houses were somewhat stronger and planets in the cadent houses were weaker in influence. Now little attention is paid to this idea. Here are listed the twelve houses of the astrology chart with the rulerships, and a brief summary of the area of life depicted there:. The beginning of each of the houses is called the cusp. Each house has what is called a natural sign and natural ruling planets. This is the sign and planet which are associated with that house in the natural chart beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces.

Here are listed the twelve houses of the astrology chart with the rulerships, and a brief summary of the area of life depicted there: House. Natural sign. Planet Ruler. House Affairs. The Ascendant. Your projected behavior, temperament, health, how you react to those around you, and your appearance.

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Your material side. Your mental aptitudes, early childhood, everyday communication, your siblings, and early education. Domestic affairs and conditions, the nurturing parent, the home, and the family life. The end of life. Love affairs, procreation, your children, creative expression, luck and speculation.

Accordingly the natives under the impact of this benefic retrograde planet may come across some of these good results depending on the overall tone of their horoscopes. Such benefic retrograde Venus in the first house of a horoscope can bless the native under its impact with success through many fields of profession depending on his overall horoscope.

Some natives under the impact of such benefic retrograde Venus may engage in the field of hospitality and they may achieve success though various professions related to this field. Some of these natives may become professionals dealing in airline industry, some of them may engage in the field of cinema industry, some other such natives may shine in the field of hotel industry and some of these natives may achieve success through the field of event management.

Libra Houses in Astrology

Benefic retrograde Venus in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Libra can bend some natives under its impact towards the field of law. Hence these natives may engage in this field as professional lawyers and if their overall horoscopes are supportive for authority through the field of law, they may get elevated to the posts of judges in various courts of law. The placement of benefic retrograde Venus in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Libra is a very good placement for people dealing in the field of marketing due to which some natives under its impact may engage in this field and they may achieve success as various types of professionals dealing in marketing.

Such benefic retrograde Venus can also make some natives interested in the field of advertisement and hence these natives may achieve success through this field under various profiles, as allowed by their overall horoscopes. The presence of benefic retrograde Venus in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Libra can also bless some natives with authority in the house of government through various types of jobs, if their horoscopes are supportive for such authority.

Wanting a marriage partner who is an equal by all accounts. A fair, tactful and diplomatic partner. An attractive, but possibly vain, partner. A passive, indecisive and codependent partner. A sociable, agreeable, pleasant, elegant and refined partner. A partner who wants true equal partnership. A partner who carries her fair share. Wanting to be in a committed relationship.

Wanting to get married. A partner who always takes the opposite point of view. The partner acts like a parrot repeating everything you do or say. Inability to deal with strife in marriage. Glossing over deeper issues in marriage to avoid unpleasantness and arguing. Dislike of coarseness or rudeness in your spouse or business associates.

Divorce rather than dealing with problems. Avoiding divorce at all costs though not necessarily dealing with underlying emotional issues.

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An argumentative partner. Marrying a judge. Marrying a lawyer. Marrying an impartial and indifferent person. Marrying a beauty or fashion consultant. Marrying an artist or interior decorator. Marrying a physically pleasing person. Marrying an aesthete. Marrying someone just to get married and have a partner. Wanting a partner who will agree with whatever you say or want to do. A well-proportioned partner.

Waiting a long time to get married due to indecision. Having several suitors but unable to choose just one to marry. A charming spouse. Believing in Prince Charming. A codependent marriage. Marriage law. Divorce law. Marriage contracts. Prenuptial agreements. Keeping up appearances in marriage. Equally pleasant partners.

Partners for peace. Equality in sexual relationships. Sweet sexuality. Sexually refined. Leaving a legacy of equality. Leaving a legacy of having been a sweet, refined, delicate, tactful and elegant person. Leaving a legacy of having been diplomatic, cooperative, and fair. Leaving a legacy of having been indecisive, codependent and superficial. Sexual equality.

The psychology of equality. Researching fairness and equality. Law research. Complex feelings about equality and fairness. Fair and balanced research. Sexually passive.

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Attracting sexually passive partners. Attracting superficially attractive sex partners. Wanting sex partners to have an agreeable sexual appearance. Wanting well-proportioned sex organs. Wanting sex partners to be well-proportioned. Disliking people who are sexually coarse, abrasive or aggressive. Superficial sexual relationships.

Having sex with people based on their looks. Indifferent attitude to sex. Not caring one way or the other about sex. Scratching the surface of sexuality. Scratching the surface of emotional complexity. Inability to get deeply involved with other people. Keeping potentially deep interactions at a superficial level.

A hard time accessing complex emotions. Indifference to death. Not caring one way or the other about death or the dying. Deeply apathetic. One-on-one psychological counseling relationship. A fair-minded, tactful and pleasant psychologist or counselor. Elegant sexuality.

A person who is tactful in discussing the finer points of sexual complexity. The appearance of being sexy.

Artists are sexy. Fashionistas are sexy. Lawyers are sexy. Judges are sexy. Models are sexy. Aesthetes are sexy. Sexual tastes are refined. Prefers to have sex however the partner wants to have sex. Letting the partner take the lead in sex. Sexual negotiations. A pimp. A john. Sex traffickers. Treating sex like a negotiation.

Wanting to marry every sex partner. Looking for a sexual equal. Negotiating wills and trusts. Estate planning lawyer. Tax law. The rights of the terminally ill. Philosophies about equality. Religious equality. Cultural equality. Believing in marriage. Believing in fairness. Believing in justice. Believing in equality and fairness. A philosophy of life that supports passive indifference. A philosophy of life that supports apathy. A philosophy of life that supports superficial beauty. Looking good is a religion. A profound belief in equality and fairness.

Believing in beauty and aesthetic sense. Artistic philosophy. Beauty philosophy. The cult of beauty. Always taking the opposite point of view in discussions on religion or culture. Admiring the beauty and fashion of other cultures. A charming international diplomat. International law. Lawyers for religious groups. International policy makers. Law publications. Relationship publications. Bridal magazines. Wedding planning guides. Fashion magazines. Fashion gurus. Professors of fashion and design. Believing in tact and diplomacy over going to war.

Law school. Majoring in International Relations. Marrying someone from another culture, country or religion. Tactful, pleasant and charming clergy. Cultural laws. The laws of other countries. Civil rights lawyers. Corporate law. Immigration law. Intellectual property law. Widely known for being tactful and diplomatic. Widely known for your looks.

Widely known for your marriage s.

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Widely known for your view of society. Widely known for vacillating. Business law. Widely known for your taste and elegance. Widely known for being sweet and agreeable. Widely known for being charming and graceful. Widely known for being a flirt. Widely known for being divisive. Widely known for taking the opposite viewpoint. Widely known for sycophantic tendencies. A tactician. Widely known for your relationships. Gaining recognition for being a fashionable person.


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Gaining a reputation for being superficial. Gaining a reputation for being passive and indecisive. Ambitions to be attractive. An ambitious marriage. A codependent career. A career that involves a partner. Dragging your spouse into the career. Gaining a career because of the spouse. Gaining a reputation for being an attractive person.

Widely considered to be an attractive person. A career that demands impartiality. A career as a model. Trying to be all things to all people. Gaining a reputation for being fair and impartial. Gaining a reputation for being good at debate. Balancing the career with other obligations.

A career that involves working for what is fair and just. Promoting equality through your choice of career. Sharing the spotlight. Friends who are true peers. Equal relationships with friends and acquaintances. Groups of fair-minded, tactful people. Refined friends. Debate club. Committed to humanitarian goals. Commitment to long term goals. Groups and clubs for beautiful people. Groups and clubs for fashionistas.

What Is A Rising Sign?

Law organizations. Peace Corp. Peace organizations. Humanitarian organizations that work for peace and equality. Married to a cause, club, group, or organization. Marrying a friend. Treating friends like marriage partners. One on one friend relationships.