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At best, though, you function as an explorer and as an inspiring example to others. The joy of adventure and exploration is what you are meant to express. Your Mars is in the earthy, practical, ambitious and serious sign of Capricorn, suggesting that tangible material accomplishments and goals are important to you. You know how the world operates and are meant to take a well-planned, calculated, ordered route to your destination. Work and self-discipline -not to mention considerable self-sacrifice- are keys.

Work may become an addiction; professional ambition certainly is paramount. You are to function as an authority in some manner. Your Mars in the unconventional, collective-oriented, free-thinking sign of Aquarius, suggesting that the regeneration of society is a major interest and focus of your attention. Your perceptiveness regarding its underlying, core problems, along with your ability to invent or co-create unusual and innovative solutions, is the key to fulfilling your destiny.

Your function is that of a reformer, dissident, or group leader. Your Mars is in the imaginative, dreamy, visionary, spiritually-open sign of Pisces, suggesting your ability to access altered states of consciousness or dream-time quite readily. The use of images through visualization or art, for instance, is a primary source of healing for you. Water, baptism, birth, cleansing rituals are key elements. Intoxicants of any kind especially alcohol can be your downfall, leading to a feeling of confusion and aimlessness or powerlessness. The following interpretations incorporate the position, by sign, of Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio.

The sign position of Pluto further modifies your Scorpio Ascendant characteristics. Your Pluto in Aries reveals a passion for freedom, daring, heroic individualism. Your Pluto in Taurus reveals a deeply willful, stubborn, and inflexible nature which needs to become more yielding. Money, wealth, economics could be your obsession, and in any case play a key role in your life and destiny. Your Pluto in Gemini reveals a compelling need to understand.

You prize intellect and education and have a drive to use your mind.

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These are important keys to fulfilling your destiny. Your Pluto in Leo reveals a need to release your tendency to worship power or powerful charismatic personalities. Excessive self-will, self-glorification, or an obsessive focus on your personal self and desires are shadowy aspects of your being, and will need to be confronted on your path to fulfilling your soul purpose. Your Pluto in Virgo reveals a drive for perfection or self-purification that can become compulsive.

Guilt over real or imagined wrongs needs to be shed. Also, you have a capacity for in-depth analysis, technical expertise or perfection, and exacting precision in your work. Your Pluto in Libra reveals a drive for justice, fairness, equality, and bringing the scales back into balance.

You tend to see the injustices and corruption, and part of your function is indeed to bring wrongs to light. The balance of power in personal relationships is also a key concern of yours. Your Pluto is in Scorpio as well, revealing a capacity for entering into the darkest places in order to bring consciousness, light, and healing.

If you are drawn to use your powers and abilities selfishly, you will often feel isolated and will be your own worst enemy. You are attuned to depth, rapture, and what some would consider horrible or taboo. Your Pluto is in Sagittarius, revealing a need to cleanse, revise, and expand your beliefs about the nature of life. Dogmatism and zealous, one-sided convictions need to be shed in order for you to fulfill your highest purpose.

Your Pluto in Capricorn reveals a destiny of both destroying and reforming societal structures and forms — government, established business or financial practices, or other conventions. Corruption, hypocrisy, and greed are to be cleansed and released, and you are one of many intended for this work.

You also have a strong will-to-power which needs to be tempered with humility and care. The intense desire nature within you continues, however, to pull you toward the physical expression. You constantly find yourself at a turning point between pursuing a material desire and following a more spiritual inclination.

You have the capacity for major changes in your life. Others may find your decisions remarkable, as you can take a degree turn with relative ease. Each of these major shifts brings you closer to understanding the unfolding plan of your spiritual life. At this time you may appear to be motivated only by material desires, but each turning takes you further on the spiritual path.

If you look back, you can see that your decisions have all blended into one direction. You see the logical unfolding of spirit woven into seemingly disjointed actions and decisions. First you test your physical appetites with food, sexual desire and physical comfort. These may become rather boring.

Your Descendant is Taurus

Ambition and the desire for power increase the emotional thrill and the momentary pay-off. At the third stage you tackle mental challenges of spiritual pride. If you can transcend all three levels, you then function from a more spiritual base. You cease to seek physical emotional and mental thrills for their own sake, and use your personal power to transform your own life and to help others.

You face a tall order if you are to make spiritual progress. You need to remember your own beginnings as you seek success in any of your endeavors, spiritual or otherwise. Behind your quiet exterior lies a great deal of emotional depth, sensitivity, complexity, and also fierce determination. When you want something you go after it rather quietly but insistently and wholeheartedly — and you usually get it.

He cannot take rejection or criticism and if a break-up happens, he will react resentfully and vengefully, thus trying to preserve his pride and assert himself. Hidden behind his impulsive behavior as a child or teenager, there is a huge fear of being left alone. Anyone who can see this will get along well with him. You as a parent must try to keep this behavior under control. You should encourage your offspring to open himself up more and to overcome his fears; his relationships will stand to benefit.

Small signs of success will go a long way in teaching him this life lesson. In your case, the relationship takes time to become a reality, whether in love or in business. Often, you fall in love with people who seduce you with their pleasant side, their softness, their sensuality, their physical beauty. It's normal, because your Descendant is under the governance of Venus, a planet symbolizing love and aesthetics. You tend to want to exercise on others your famous magnetism brought by Ascendant Scorpio.

This can work, since opposites attract Venus in mythology has been married to Vulcan, Plutonian character if any. But at the same time, you can sometimes sin aggressively.

You confuse sex appeal and feelings, which can be complicated to manage. Besides, you do not make anything easy, on the contrary. On the other hand, the partner you are interested in may be Venusian but with Taurus, they need strong guarantees before committing themselves. You will have to persevere, nothing will be done the first time.

Luckily, this quality does not fail you at all. Once in the relationship, however, you can not get rid of some anxiety. Since you are always aware that nothing is eternal and you have a terrible fear that the relationship will end.


Scorpio Rising: Complete Astro Report On The Scorpio Ascendant

This fear of abandonment can fuel your overflowing jealousy. In any case, you endure a lot before deciding to put an end to it. Resisting in trials, you are also ready to fight to keep your partner. Before you say love, you need time.

The Scorpio Glyph

A lot of time. However, you know how to leave aside the existential doubts of Scorpio, in order to lead with the sensual whirlwind in which you train your loves. No question that these remain platonic, you must share the pleasures of the flesh. Because you are very sensual, of course, and your partner has every interest to be too.

Sometimes you will be in tears, caught between the need to possess the other and this famous need for escape that can characterize you. However, the other too can tend to be clingy. In any case, you never have a futile rapport. You are whole, in love!