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In a leadership position, Taurus resistance to change can stall progress and turn a once-inspiring mission into a soul-numbing grind. Or, they can become scarily dogmatic Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein were both born under this sign.

These Zodiac Signs Are Most Common Among World Leaders

Title-loving Tauruses can get too caught up in hierarchies and formalities. They can be excessively proud and talk themselves up too much. Hello, turn-off! Leadership Gifts: Charismatic and witty, Gemini can always get people laughing—or at least, buzzing. They can find anything in a Google search, and bring creative ideas to the table. Leadership Challenges: Are they a ll talk, no action? As leaders, Gemini can sometimes speak out of both sides of their mouths, forgetting what they said, socializing and getting distracted from the job at hand.

A gorgeously-wrapped present and handwritten card will appear on your desk at every holiday. This sign will demand loyalty from employees or befriend their coworkers, expecting the same level of intimacy from colleagues as anyone else. Knock knock on that crab shell: ever hear of healthy work-life boundaries? Cautious Cancer can be fearful of change and overly concerned with taking a safe approach. They may be closed off and hard to really know until major loyalty tests are passed.

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Hello, exhausting! Leadership Gifts: Yas qween! As leaders, Leo is loving and heart-centered , popular and affable. They have big ideas and the courage to actually execute them.

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Leadership Challenges: Proud Leo can be a little too susceptible to being liked. They love having their egos stroked and can hog the spotlight—which, admittedly, adores them. This can make them tone-deaf in team scenarios and overly focused on their own agendas rather than accomplishing a common cause. Leadership Gifts: Like a scout, your organized sign is always prepared.

But in addition to earning merit badges, Virgos can be the camp counselors of the zodiac. Clipboard in hand, you thrivs at planning and executing an agenda. Helpful Virgos are at their best when being of service and championing a cause. Their strong writing, speaking and journalistic skills can help them convey a powerful message. Leadership Challenges: Forget spilling the tea—this caustically critical sign can serve up haterade by the gallon. Perfectionism can stop this clever sign from getting a great idea off the ground paging fire signs to help them spring into action!

Your ability to delegate, collaborate and partner up makes you an indispensable team member. Leadership Challenges: Airy Libras can get scattered, mired in social hierarchies or consumed with impressing people. While you want everything to be kumbaya, you may try too hard to be liked.

Your sensitive sign can take things personally, losing sight of your mission and dodging conflict instead of addressing it head-on. Leadership Gifts: As the sign of power and control, life is your chess board, and you intend to take the queen. Scorpios are famous for strategic moves and savvy alliances. You cultivate an air of mystery and magnetism, which attracts well-connected people and exclusive opportunities.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your First Impression

If you use this for good, you can raise funding and widespread awareness for an important cause. Leadership Challenges: Trust issues much? Scorpios can be suspicious and insular, keeping a tight inner circle or hiding plans behind a veil of secrecy. Their lack of transparency can be off-putting, In some cases, they seem to be hoarding all the goods for themselves or establishing a hierarchy that cultivates a climate of fear.

Aim for more intimacy and less intimidation. Leadership Gifts: Big ideas for sale! They can be fun to work with and have tons of energy, which inspires others to go big, too.

Leadership Challenges: Too much of a good thing is just…exhausting. And over-the-top Sagittarius is always doing too much at once. This sign can get overcommitted, forgetting to delegate and keeping a million irons in the fire. Can we get an organized earth sign in here? The Sagittarius shadow side of can be an opinionated or bigoted mindset Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon are members of this star sign , and a tendency to paint the world in broad, brash strokes.


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Even with foot firmly in mouth, they keep talking, offending and alienating everyone in their path. Leadership Gifts: An unparalleled work ethic, tireless ambition and persistence that never quits? Ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and stamina, this sign will pay dues and put in the time. You take things very seriously, but not so serious that you can't smile throughout it all. Hands down, the warrior of the zodiac also makes the best world leader. If you are an Aries, you already know how to lead. You've probably been the boss in every job you've had so far.

You've got what it takes to be a great world leader, Leo.

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You've known it all your life. You were born to be in front of people as you are naturally charming and charismatic to a fault. When you choose to utilize those natural talents of yours, you can bring people together in hope and in ambition. You are able to get people to work for you, and you are generous with your promises, all of which you fully intend to keep.

What Your Sun Sign Says About Your Leadership Style

Your people love you, Leo. You're a thoughtful leader and you get the job done well, Sagittarius. You love being in the spotlight and you're able to complete huge, complicated tasks, which makes you great world leader material. You enjoy your job and you adore making people happy; it's your reason for being such a good leader. You want people to be happy and you have all the right ideas as to how that can happen.

People naturally trust you, and that goes a very long way in the world today.

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  • You have such a natural reverence for both your homeland and your people that one would be a fool to not trust the safety of the nation to you. You are reliable, trustworthy and driven. As a world leader, you are sensible and on point. You know what needs to be done and you have a way with words; this allows people to understand you and follow you wherever you go. You make a great leader, Cancer.

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    While you may lack the skills for getting your point across in this most gentle manner, you are still fierce enough to persuade just about anyone to do anything you say. Your skills at manipulation are excellent, and that's not exactly a bad thing. You are able to move mountains and for your people. You are a fantastic world leader and nobody has a problem following you into Hell and back!