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Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar In Chinese lunar March, Monkey luck in about love.

Keep honing your awareness and you will find yourself trusting your inner knowing and guidance. On top of all this, by seeking your own well-being, you will know how you want to impact others. Touching lives with your gifts fills the heart and brings healing to our planet.

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What's it's like when you turn on the TV, open up to a site on the internet, or read the newspaper? Do you feel like you can find truth in any of these places? How often have you observed yourself or another say one thing but mean another? Although not much truth is being exchanged, it is understandable that we do such things. We tend to be afraid of truth and the impact it may have. And truth to be truth needs to be communicated with kindness and deep caring. Otherwise truth turns into dogma, judgment, and condemnation. That tears up hearts.

We easily can kid ourselves about truth. We all know what it's like when we are in a snit and our emotions are screaming inside our heads. We think we know the truth and feel justified about our dramas and inner warring. It is so seductive to con ourselves into thinking that we are right. So where can you find truth? Indigenous peoples who lived in love and respect knew that real truth or real knowledge comes from first-hand experience, experience that you have while you are feeling your True Spiritual Self. This suggests that the key is to know what the feeling of your Beingness is really like.

You knew it as a child. You can find that feeling again and live in it. This will awaken your inner perception in an extraordinary way. You will have insight about your personal truth that is as keen as an owl's perceptiveness and inner knowing. According to sidereal astrology, Uranus is now in the constellation of Pisces. Uranus speaks to humanity's capability to wake up out of the box of obsolete western cultural thinking.

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Neptune helps us reveal our illusions so that we can turn our attention to our Spiritual Selves and the Spirit World. In other words, it is a wonderful time to seek and bring back the feeling of your Beingness and live in close connection with all kinds of Spirit Helpers, the way the ancients did. As you come to know yourself more fully, your sense of truth is very personal and very rich.

But they can be jealous or possessive, they cling to what they have, they are afraid of losing assets. Their lack of openness and tolerance may make them unfriendly to some, especially those who do not fit into the mold. The Beaver is a conservative homebody: out of their habits and their daily life they can feel a little lost. The Beaver stone is jasper, its color is yellow. They are able to seduce anyone with beautiful speeches, they are a charmer.

Their intelligence, vivacity and eloquence help them climb the ladder. They adapt easily to life in society. They are a seducer who can be superficial, lazy or nervous. But we can count on them, the Deer appreciates everyone, without a priori. They are a communicative being and loving by nature.

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The stag's stone is agate, its color is orange. The Green Woodpecker June 21st to July 21st The green woodpecker is emotional, their imagination takes them to hitherto unexplored regions. They are a poet, a tender and generous artist who is involved in romantic relationships. This great dreamer is a troubadour who is waiting for their beauty, they fly from town to town until they can build a welcoming home. But if they are betrayed, the green woodpecker never forgets, they are resentful and their extreme sensitivity makes them suffer.

They tend to focus too much on people and events. Letting go is difficult for them. The green woodpecker's stone is pink quartz, its color is fuchsia. The Salmon July 22nd to August 22nd Salmon is a born optimist. They are an enthusiastic sign that faces life with ardour and enthusiasm. Nothing stops them, they know what they want and they go for it. Ready to face the contrary currents, they are never lost. Their loving heart makes them likeable but they can be authoritarian or hypocritical, they are able to pretend to succeed.

Salmon knows that appearances are numerous, that we must adapt. They do not hesitate to use their talents to succeed but they transmit their energy to others. Salmon's stone is carnelian, its color is red. They take on their responsibilities and perform their missions to the best of their ability. They have an excellent sense of organization, they are never late and they are effective without wasting time.

However, they prefer to work alone, they are not made for team work, unless they are the leader of the project. They are a lonely, sometimes unsociable being, and their perfectionism can exasperate many. But with them, the work will always be well done because they hate disorder. The brown bear's stone is amethyst, its color is purple. The Crow September 23 to October 22 The crow expresses their intuition, they have no limit.

They are a sensitive being who favors emotions rather than intellect. This sign is fascinated by pacifist characters like Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Idealist, they aspire to a better world. Once the Venus and Mars are understood, then we say they burn the fuel of the Sun. Approximately one out of twelve men have Sun and Mars in the same sign, and approximately one out of three or four women have Sun and Venus in the same sign. The majority of people have an individualistic feature that requires an understanding of the archetype of the Venus or Mars as something separate from the Sun.

Remember, rather than being statements of how a person is, these are statements of intent. As mentioned before, twelve people with Mars in Scorpio may not all be the same, but they do all have the same intent. Otherwise, correlations could be made about people with Mars in Scorpio, such as they will all end up becoming nuclear physicists, or they will always have a particular sexual style.

Men with Mars in Scorpio, either, desire to develop the qualities associated with Mars in Scorpio, or they are already in the process of developing these qualities, but because of all these factors, and others not yet mentioned, they are still not all the same. Next on the script are Mercury and Jupiter. They also represent the tools and equipment of the current life. Mercury has to do with how a person thinks, and Jupiter represents the kind of life experiences that take a person to their life goals as fast as possible.

The third portion of the script has to do with what this is all leading too. This is the most individualizing and important part of the script. It is why we need to know the birth time. Without knowing the exact birthtime, we can not know the angles of the horoscope, the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Nadir.

The angles change degrees about every four minutes, and change signs about every two hours. This is what individuates the horoscope, and describe the uniqueness of each person. Without the exact birthtime about seventy-five percent of the script is accessible, such as what tribe a person is from, who is the emerging God or Goddess, etc.

These are important things to know. However, these factors are not individualistic enough to define what it is that makes a person truly, clearly, a separate, unique human being.

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The angles of the chart deal directly with experiential astrology, because the angles are determined by what is happening in the sky when a person is born. The Midheaven symbolizes the Right Livelihood Project. Hence, the comparative high level of importance to those issues are also associated with Shamanic Astrology. The Spirit Horse is what we ride to get to our goal. What we ride represented by the Sun is a generalized sense of energy. The specific costume we wear to reach our goal is the archetype of the God Mars or the Goddess Venus that we intend to experience on our journey.

In Shamanic Astrology, the outer planets represent the strategy. The strategy is designed to assist a person in reaching their current life goals the most quickly. The strategy can include some of the most excruciating wake-up call situations, and defines whether a person has a coasting path an easy chart where not much is happening. Some people have highly melodramatic lives where they are constantly at the effect of dramatic events, happening to them, where they have to react.

There are no judgments, positive or negative, about any strategy. In traditional astrology, it is difficult to come up with anything good to say about such aspects. Shamanic Astrology views these aspects as an intelligent strategy for waking up.


The joke involves understanding things about life that the average person may never become aware of or know. C ycles.

Why Shamanic Astrology is NOT Sun Sign Astrology - Part 1

First we look at the basic elements of the script, and then we look at the strategy. After the investigation of the strategy, we look at the cycles. Often, the main reason many individuals choose to get an astrology reading is because of cycles, or timings they are currently experiencing. This comes from the idea that… The universe is supportive of a human being who consciously participates with their cycles.

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Shamanic Free State

If a person knows what cycle they are in, they stand to benefit. Remember, no cycle, in and of itself, is good or bad. All cycles have a reason for being. When we know and understand what initiation cycle we are in, we can benefit. There are certain cycles that are experienced as beyond ordinary reality.

They are designed to produce a certain type of initiation. When we know we are in one of these cycles, we can consciously give ourselves permission to experience the intent of the cycle. There are cycles that are totally confusing, a time for a walk-a-about, a time for vision quest, a time when it is completely okay to not know. Conversely, there are cycles when it is time for the person to be clear and focused, and take some kind of specific action. There are some cycles that are free spaces. Cycles have a beginning, middle, and end. Knowing what cycle we are in is liberating in our understanding of what process we are undergoing.

Knowledge of the precise astrological points of the cycles gives us specific dates we can use in a ceremonial way. These dates do not necessarily indicate some amazing event scheduled to happen to a person from the outside. Rather, knowledge of the timing allows a person the option of letting the universe know, they know what is going on.

Then they can consciously choose to cooperate with the cycle taking place in and around them. When this takes place the inward and outward cycles move into alignment. This information is not only important, but useful with reference to relationships. For example, two people who have been in a long lasting stable and happy relationship may be confused when one partner or both partners moves into a new cycle.

The person going through one of these cycles is no longer the same. However, knowing a cycle has a beginning, middle and end, helps us to understand the process and intent of the cycle. It helps us know the cycle will end and ordinary reality will return, perhaps transformed into something even more wonderful. Relationship Comparisons.

Relationship comparisons are another important area to look at.

Many people getting a reading have questions either about their relationship, about a new person in their life, or their lack of relationship, and what they can do about it. Shamanic Astrology looks at what a person is attracted to, and what the chart indicates relationship intent is. It is important to know these are two completely separate issues.

The horoscope includes clues about why a person wants to be in a relationship, or what the relationship intent is. There are many different possibilities for relationship intent. Shamanic Astrology recognizes and validates each of these. Another portion of the horoscope has to do with romantic love and physical attraction. We are all wired to be attracted to a certain kind of person. About two-thirds of the time what we are attracted to and our true relationship intent are drastically different.

Many of the difficulties people have in relationship are due to this reason. It simply has to do with differences in their intent for relationship. However, once the sacred marriage takes place, some people will be on a path of relationship and others will not. The script helps to sort this out. The people having the most difficulty with relationship are almost always the ones who have set their life up in such a way; they are forced to do the sacred marriage.

These same techniques of chart comparison also work in helping to sort out the circumstances with parents, brothers, sisters, friends, coworkers and business partners. However, for the purposes of a one hour reading we must limit the comparison work to one person. The purpose of this introduction is to give a sense of the scope of what a person can gain from a Shamanic Astrology reading. Again, the purpose of all of this work is to provide the clues and information that assists a person in the process of waking up and assist them in making conscious choices that supports the awakening process.

How can we truly live in freedom unless we really know all the possibilities? For example, if a person has as their distinct color turquoise blue, and is born into a family that only sees red and white, what happens to turquoise blue? They may be totally ignored.

Your totem in shamanic astrology

A more negative example is if the person is punished for being the color they legitimately are. There is no tolerance, or freedom, unless all the possibilities are known and affirmed. This is not an attempt to define spiritual enlightenment, as it is an issue beyond duality and difficult to define. Rather, it is acknowledging that different people have different paths to reach their place of self-actualization, or total freedom. No path is better than another. There are twelve distinct paths with infinite variations on how to fully achieve mastery of that specific path.

This is defined by the Rising sign, and all of the other factors on the chart, identifying the uniqueness of the path. The following brief examples of rising signs are limited to the rising sign only. All the other factors on the chart are important for a comprehensive picture. It is the process oriented path of relationship. Scorpio Rising requires the person to master life force energy. It is a tantric path, that includes feeling the feelings, especially passion.

The Sag or Aquarius Rising path requires the development of the virtues of detachment and cosmic overview. They desire to disconnect from deep involvement with the physical and emotional.